Our Novelties Spring / Summer 2021
Klostergarten Kräuter

Natürliche Kräutermischung

Eine frisch-minzige Kräuterteemischung, wie sie Hildegard von Bingen nicht besser hätte aus ...

China Sencha

China, Provinz Zheijang

Ein schön ausgebauter China-Sencha, der nach der in Japan üblichen Verarbeitung produziert ...

Kräutertee »Souvenir de Provençe«

Sommerliche Mischung südfranzösischer Kräuter

Eine kräftig-aromatische Kräutermischung traditioneller Kräuter der Provençe wecken ...

Schoko-Chai Gewürztee

Gewürztee mit Kakaobohnen

Eine schokoladig-duftende Mischung aus Kakaobohnen und Kakaoschalen sowie einer klassischen ...

Formosa Finest Oolong

Formosa Oolong, Taiwan

Ein einfacher und unkomplizierter halbfermentierter Tee für jeden Tag. Die ...

Griechischer Bergtee BIO »Der Edle«

Ganze Blüten, handverlesen

Vom gleichen Produzenten, von dem wir auch unseren Griechischen Bergtee als Schnittware ...

» No pleasure is simpler, no luxury cheaper, no consciousness-altering substance more benign than our good plain tea. «
James Norwood Pratt

Premium Leaf Tea and Tea Rarities in Finest Teahouse Quality

Tea - that is pure wellness and enjoyment! The warming and at the same time refreshing power of tea has been appreciated for thousands of years. With its diverse ingredients, tea simply makes us feel good. Black Tea, Green Tea, White Tea or Oolong: they all come from the same plant, the tea bush Camellia sinensis. It is only through the different methods used in fermentation, the mineral soil composition of the growing area and the different climatic conditions that each tea forms its own typical aroma.

Founded in 2005 in Mannheim, Mein Teekontor moved the company headquarters in 2012 to the Dilsberg in Neckargemuend near Heidelberg. We are specialized in the distribution of high-quality premium leaf teas from selected tea gardens, which are offered exclusively online via the Internet. Our philosophy is, to offer our customers who are shopping in our online store the same shopping experience as they would have at a local tea merchant. For this reason, our teas are only freshly filled and packaged for you after we have received your order.

You will get from Mein Teekontor exclusively leaf teas; we do not offer teas in tea bags! We purchase our teas from specialized importers who maintain direct contacts with the individual tea gardens. This direct connection to the growers guarantees that you will always have a tea of consistent, impeccable quality and the highest purity in your cup. Our flavored teas are traditionally refined with exclusively natural flavors. The use of the best raw materials and selected, natural ingredients, as well as gentle processing in traditional craftsmanship are the secret for an incredible taste and aroma experience.

Our tea assortment ranges from Black Tea - also from less known tea growing regions -, Oolong Tea – not only from China and Formosa (Taiwan) –, Green Tea, White Tea, up to Herbs and refined Herbal Tea Blends, Fruit Tea and Spice Tea varieties as well as practical and tested tea accessories. Another focal point in our range are the artistically handmade teapots from Yixing: small, handmade teapots that have been traditionally used in China for the preparation of Oolong and Green Teas since 1000 AD. Each of these teapots is unique and made from the original Zisha clay from Yixing.

Take your time to look around and discover one or the other tea rarity for enjoyable tea moments. We look forward to your visit!